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Poughkeepsie NY Traffic Court Lawyer

New York Drivers License and Traffic Violations Attorney

We realize that you may be scared, worried and embarrassed about your traffic ticket. Many of our clients have never been to court in their life, but they are not sure that an attorney can help or that it is cost-effective to hire an attorney.

The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley has a special focus in traffic matters and license offenses. It is an area of the law that requires not only legal knowledge but a certain amount of finesse and strategy. We are in the local courts almost every day, and we know most of the judges and town attorneys Dutchess County and surrounding jurisdictions of the Hudson Valley. We know many of the state troopers and police officers who issue these tickets. It is important that your attorney understand the nuances of the law and have a professional working relationship with the people in position to waive your ticket, reduce the offense or negotiate the penalties.

Kelley M. Enderley trained under two lawyers who practiced solely in this area of the law. She has handled hundreds of speeding tickets, moving violations, drunk driving arrests and suspended license cases, including many dismissals and favorable outcomes at trial.

In 2005, Kelley M. Enderley established her own criminal defense practice, handling both high-end felony cases and the full spectrum of traffic and transportation law cases. Like her mentors, she has become a "go-to" attorney for DWI defense and complex traffic cases.

Full Service and Full Force Representation

We aim to take on the burdens and achieve the best resolution possible for your case. We represent residents of Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Putnam, Columbia and surrounding counties, as well as out-of-state drivers arrested or cited on the freeways and local highways of our part of New York. We regularly handle cases in East Fishkill Town Court and Wappinger Falls Village Court stemming from traffic stops on the Taconic State Parkway, I-87 and I-84.

Unless you are facing a serious criminal offense that requires your presence, we can represent you in court so that you do not have to take a day off from work or waste an evening standing in line with hundreds of other people. You don't need us to plead guilty. We are paid to challenge your ticket or negotiate a deal that you could not get on your own. If we do not think we can do better, we will tell you so.

Poughkeepsie, New York, Traffic Court Attorney • Free Phone Consultation

The right attorney can make a real difference, especially if you are facing jail, a criminal record, high fines or suspension/revocation of your driver's license. Call 845-206-4398 or 877-518-4799, or e-mail us about the basics of your case. We will explain our fees and how we believe we can help.

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